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The Advanced Renko bar type is the most accurate Renko price action chart available for NinjaTrader 7. Most Renko Bars operate under the assumed pretense of seemless data, meaning price action is in a consistant valuation up or down. The problem with this however is that price action is not seemless and does encounter changes in price between ticks to a measurable extent.

As each tick comes through, Advanced Renko updates just like any other bar would, keeping track of the OHLCV accurately. Once price has exceeded the user defined bar length above or below the open a new bar is formed. Since both the open and the close of each Advanced Renko bar reflects the actual price of the underlying instrument, users can be confident in Advanced Renko’s back test results. By providing the user with high and low prices, Advanced Renko offers the user additional information that the NT7 default Renko bar does not.

Feel confident building your strategy or active trading on the Advanced Renko bar type knowing that hindsight will not blind you of the true price action and true results.

Note: The Advanced Renko bar type is included in our flagship trading strategy Aero.

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Once purchased, you will recieve an e-mail with the attached indicator/s that are specifically licensed for the use on one computer. Please purchase an additional license for each computer that will use the indicator. All indicators are protected from duplication, distribution or reverse engineering. In order to activate your indicator/s you must request activation. Please allow up to two business days for activation.

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