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catalyst trader aero
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Works Great With: Futures - Forex - Stocks - Indices

Catalyst Trader Aero
 is a reactionary trend following system that capitalizes on large, full moves of the market while remaining nimble and risk averse through volatile periods. This system uses an array of advanced, proven trading tools and tactics that provides a clear picture of lucrative trading opportunities.

The Aero system simplifies the standard minute chart into a very easy to use, visually advantageous, movement oriented display that eliminates nearly all low price movement noise. This allows our traders to act when the market is moving while avoiding the pitfalls and stress associated with inactive market conditions.

By purchasing this system, you will receive the tools, bar type and indicators needed to trade as well as a comprehensive handbook that will help you get the most out of the Aero system. Free updates and technical support is included for life.

Chart pattern recognition

The system automatically recognizes important chart patterns to make our traders aware of the anticipated break out directions.

Audible alerts for key triggers

Audible alerts allow you to perform other tasks without having to be constantly glued to the charts for trade opportunities.

Integrated stop loss and profit take display

When a trade falls out of favor, integrated stop loss indicators help keep your balance positive while determining the best point of exit to profit on winning trades.

Color coded trend recognition

The chart will automatically visually display the current trend direction and when the market is experiencing a sideways or transitioning period.

Position scaling support

In order to best capitalize on the large winning movements in the system, indicators will display points which suggest to scale into a larger position.

Automatic trade signals when certain parameters are met

Chart visuals are displayed when the system recognizes a low risk, high reward trade opportunity. Color codes suggest implied risk/reward.

Movement oriented Renko charting

The Renko chart is highly utilized in the Aero system and provides a very smooth, price action chart that allows our traders to see the market how it is truly behaving without the noise.

Automated Projected Support and Resistance Levels

Advanced, automatic pivot points display anticipated levels of support and resistance based on Fibonacci retracement levels from that last high-low range.

Total User Control

The Aero system is loaded with easy to use parameters that allows you to tweak the system to fit your needs and markets.

Learn more about the Aero System by visiting the FAQ page.

  • The complete Aero System with all tools and indicators and a lifetime license
  • A complete trading manual that will give both seasoned and novice traders an upper hand using the Aero System
  • Free updates for life
  • Free technical support for life
  • 1 Hour of consulting finding the right Aero setup for your markets
  • 2 Hours of trade consulting to optimize your trades
  • Invitation to our Aero Strategy webinars and trading videos
  • Our Advanced Renko bar type ($195 value)

$55 / 1 license / month license info 

Monthly Subscription Fee of $55.00 USD

$895 / 1 license license info                                      


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Once purchased, you will recieve an e-mail with the attached indicator/s that are specifically licensed for the use on one computer. Please purchase an additional license for each computer that will use the indicator. All indicators are protected from duplication, distribution or reverse engineering. In order to activate your indicator/s you must request activation. Please allow up to two business days for activation.

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