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We are an objective driven ATS development company meaning that we want to understand your objectives as a trader to fit the operations of the strategy to suit your own goals and requirements.

Our capabilities as experienced financial platform programmers includes but is certainly not limited to:

  • Modifying existing strategies or indicators within a strategy to better suit your needs
  • Program custom indicators that will be used in your strategy
  • Convert an existing strategy from another platform to one of your choosing
  • Create custom reporting features for strategy testing
  • Optimize and thoroughly test a strategy
  • Develop custom system integration and APIs
  • Help develop the tools needed to converting your own discretionary trading style into an ATS

While the advantages of using a well developed ATS can be vast, here are some of the key points that make them very beneficial.

  • Removal of human emotion and intervention - Computers trade on data and calculated decision making.
  • Accuracy of trade execution - Trade size is monitored with extensive risk and capital management parameters. No fat finger trading.
  • Improved decision making process - consistent trade results due to a fully quantitative approach.
  • Access to more markets in more time-zones - You need to sleep, but computers don't. They can also watch many different markets at once.
  • High speed execution of orders - When a trigger is made, the execution is performed within an instant.
  • Hands free and simplicity - You do not need to be tied to a computer to trade profitably, some ATS can be developed to be fully automated with no human interaction.

Human emotion and intervention can be one of the largest drawbacks for profitable trading. This is because human nature will generally seek rationality in a generally irrational market environment causing unfavorable trade management.

An ATS takes the human element out of the decision making process and employs effective management of capital that is generally too hard for the average person to accomplish. Emotions of loss and gain are looked at through definite rules rather than feelings of fear and greed. These rules are in place for an effort to preserve and make the most efficient use of your capital.

An ATS also never sleeps, therefore it is capable of potentially capitalizing on trades that would otherwise require one to be constantly monitoring. This is especially difficult in futures markets which operate 24 hours a day. You can rest assured knowing that you will not miss out on an potential opportunity of profit and may not be in a position of great loss due to volatility when you are away from the market.

An ATS may be fully automated to place orders on its own following strict rules of position sizing and capital management or they can be used by the discretionary sense of a technical or fundamental trader.

Catalyst Research Group supports several different platforms for ATS development, primarily NinjaTrader 7, MetaTrader 4, Quantopian and TradeStation. If you currently work with an existing platform that you want to use, please contact us to see if we support that program. If you do not currently use one but need assistance determining which one will be best suited for you, please contact us and we’ll work with you to find the best option available.

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Fully Automated ATS are designed for complete trade automation and capital management. These systems are designed to require no human intervention and are generally quite complex.

Full Auto Systems are often layered with a multitude of different smaller systems that dictate the direction of the trading strategy. Calculated position sizing, position scaling and descaling, systematic stop losses and diversification are all key components of a successful system.

Many people feel that an ATS is solely for the use of technical traders, this however is not entirely true. Our indicators can be developed and tailored to fit the ideals of fundamental traders to help promote or demote potential trades.

While a fundamental trader might find a trade particularly lucrative on their own fundamental analysis, they may find that some of the key technical components of that trade may say otherwise or even support their predictions. In these cases, the trader may feel it necessary to put on a larger or smaller position than they would without the technical backing from an ATS.

Whether you have a comprehensive trading strategy outline already created or you are dabbling between a few ideas that you would like to eventually turn into a working strategy to test with, Catalyst is here to help make it happen. We are proficient with NinjaTrader 7, MetaTrader 4, Quantopian and other leading trading platforms.

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We understand the importance of proprietary intellectual property and take the matter very seriously. By working with us, we guarantee to never disclose, sell or distribute your intellectual property to anybody outside of our company. Non-disclosures are provided and signed upon request.

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