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Indicators are the bread and butter of any strategy, the information that they uncover with simple to complex formulas reveals patterns and instances that inspire trade action. Many indicators exist however some need to serve a purpose of a special need.

As experienced indicator developers for NinjaTraderMetaTrader, TradeStation and Quantopian, we can provide:

  • Indicator theorizing and formula creation
  • Modify existing indicators to suit your needs
  • Replicate an indicator for the use in another platform
  • Indicator stability and functionality testing
  • Create custom, proprietary indicators for your own use or distribution

Nearly all indicators fall into one of these categories of type. It helps to identify what the objective is for your indicator and which category it falls into. Some will indeed encompass several.

  • Trend
  • Strength
  • Volatility
  • Cycle
  • Support/Resistance
  • Momentum

Catalyst Research Group would be happy to hear about your ideas and how we can turn it into a powerful trading tool. We offer a free consultation to determine if our services would suit your needs.

free consultation

We understand the importance of proprietary intellectual property and take the matter very seriously. By working with us, we guarantee to never disclose, sell or distribute your intellectual property to anybody outside of our company. Non-disclosures are provided and signed upon request.

Once your indicator/s have been developed, we can help implement it into an Automated Trading Strategy.

Catalyst Research Group also has several indicators that we have developed for sale in our NT7 indicator store.

For more information about our capabilities to produce custom indicators, please contact us.

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