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› System development, integration and deployment

› System analysis, consulting and reporting

› Custom programming and integration with third-party programs

› Custom reporting, filters and risk analysis


institutional trading services

Catalyst Research Group prides itself on being an innovator and leader of integrity and professionalism in the industry. Our capabilities of systematic trading programming, collaboration and research provides high tier results to surpass the expectation of the most demanding professional.

  • Customized software for trading and charting platforms
  • Customized reporting and analysis functionality
  • Trading system research and risk management assessments
  • Complete trading system development and analysis

Catalyst promotes a strong focus on developing new and more efficient technologies that have the sole purpose of improving the way you do business.

  • API connections to third-party programs or systems
  • Custom system and analysis modeling
  • Custom programming services
  • System development services

Whatever your needs are to improve the way that you trade for yourself and your client, we can help.

Are you looking for a specific strategy that fills a void or enhances the robustness of your trading method and portfolio? We are capable of developing systems that directly reflect your desired output. We can objectively design systems that can assist in the balance, diversification and risk management of your fund.

How can Catalyst serve you and your business needs? Contact us today and schedule a time to talk with one of our development and design representatives.



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