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ninjatrader indicators
Catalyst Research Group NinjaTrader technical indicators each provide a unique value to display elements within price action that can be used in trading strategies. Our Advanced Renko bar type is the most accurate price based bar type available for NinjaTrader and can accurately display backtested results without hindsight. Most of our indicators are available to try for free for 10 days! If our indicators aren't exactly what you are looking for, have us develop a custom indicator that suits your specific needs for NinjaTrader, MetaTrader, TradeStation or others!
zigzag fibonacci
ZigZag Fibonacci

Uses the range identified from the lookback periods of the zigzag indicator to draw Fibonacci retracement lines that are automatically displayed on the chart. More ›

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advanced renko
Advanced Renko - Bar Type

An improved Renko based chart that allows you to see price for how it really is. BACKTEST ACCURATE More ›

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volume deviation
Volume Deviation

Calculates the difference between the standard deviation of volume and the average volume over a user defined period. More ›

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Bollinger Caves - Bar Type/Strategy

Bollinger Caves is both a custom built bar type as well as a highly effective discretionary trading strategy. More ›

$195 / 1 license license info                                       buy now

Once purchased, you will recieve an e-mail with the attached indicator/s that are specifically licensed for the use on one computer. Please purchase an additional license for each computer that will use the indicator. All indicators are protected from duplication, distribution or reverse engineering. In order to activate your indicator/s you must request activation. Please allow up to two business days for activation.

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