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Catalyst Research Group's trading strategies offer advanced approaches to automated and discretionary trading that are designed to give you the upper hand. Our selection of fully automated trading systems operate on the S&P 500 emini futures contracts and require no advanced setup or regular optimization maintenance; simply enable and walk away. Catalyst Trader Aero is a rule-based discretionary trading system that helps identify trends in price action. Paired with our Advanced Renko bar type, you will see charts like never before!

If none of our premade systems appeal to your specific interests, have us work with you to develop one that does! Our experienced programming team can help make your trade ideas into functional and automated trading systems.

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Catalyst Trader Aero ON SALE!

A reactionary trend following system that capitalizes on large, full moves of the market while remaining nimble and risk averse through volatile periods. More ›

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Once purchased, you will recieve an e-mail with the attached indicator/s that are specifically licensed for the use on one computer. Please purchase an additional license for each computer that will use the indicator. All indicators are protected from duplication, distribution or reverse engineering. In order to activate your indicator/s you must request activation. Please allow up to two business days for activation.

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