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Programming Services

› Trading strategy development and automation

› Backtesting, forward testing and strategy optimization

› System integration, custom indicators, tools and APIs

› Secure hosting (VPS) soltions

› Custom strategies, bar types and indicators

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Trading System & Indicator Programming

Catalyst Research Group features a full in-house quantitative development center capable of programming custom indicators, systems and strategies for many of the most popular trading platforms such as NinjaTrader, MetaTrader, TradeStation and Quantopian. Our experience in trading and financial engineering allows us to create indicators, strategies and applications that are limited only by ones imagination.

• Research, design, develop and improve systems used in backtesting and data analysis for automated trading strategies.

• Design and implement both tactical and long term technical solutions to portfolio management analytics.

• Design, develop and support operational core trading and risk management systems.

• General market research focused on developing an in-depth understanding of price behavior.

• Extensive experience in: C#, C++, Java, MATLAB, R, Python, MQL4 and EasyLanguage.

Whether you have a very basic idea of what you would like to create as your automated strategy or indicator or have a clear definition of your requirements, our project team will work directly with you and deliver exactly what you are looking for in a cost effective and timely manner.

We are experienced and capable in developing systems through a range of platforms such as:

trade platform programming

Automated Trading Strategy Programming (ATS)

Human emotion and intervention can be one of the largest drawbacks for profitable trading. This is because human nature will generally seek rationality in a generally irrational market environment causing unfavorable trade management.

Automated systems take defined rules and trade logic that are applied to your market/s of choice. These rules cover identified "truths" within discretionary observation that are then translated through actionable code. Trading rules of an ATS remove emotion and focus on the quantifiable elements of strategy effectiveness.

automated trading programming


Custom Indicator Programming

Indicators are the bread and butter of any strategy, the information that they uncover with simple to complex formulas reveals patterns and instances that inspire trade action. Many indicators exist however some need to serve a purpose of a special need.

If there is a quantifiable measurement within price action that you would like to monitor, talk with us about having an indicator developed exclusively for your needs.

custom indicator programming


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