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› Trading strategy development and automation

› Backtesting, forward testing and strategy optimization

› System integration, custom indicators, tools and APIs

› Secure hosting (VPS) soltions

› Pre-designed custom strategies, bar types and indicators


We Offer a Money Back Guarantee if We Cannot Deliver Your Project

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TradeStation Development

TradeStation is the premier choice of industry professionals offering seemless integration with a high tier brokerage service. TradeStation's award winning trading platform and trading software has been acclaimed by many seasoned traders and investors.

The TradeStation platform features electronic order execution and enables clients to design, test, optimize, monitor, and automate their own custom equities, options, futures and forex trading strategies. With Catalyst Research Group we can help you utilize all of the various features and functions of the TradeStation platform.

Our services on the TradeStation platform include, but is not limited to:

  • System/Indicator Debugging
  • Replicating Existing Systems/Indicators onto the TS Platform
  • Custom Technical Indicators
  • Complete, Fully Automated Trading Systems
  • Interactive Chart Functions
  • Add Features to Your Existing Indicator/System

Consult with us to unleash the full potential of your ideas

Our consulting services allows us to work with you in complete safety with our non-disclosure agreement so that we can explore feasibility and advancements to your existing trading ideas. With our years of financial engineering experience we add a lot to the table that can take your trading to the next level.

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