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Before a strategy ever gets the "Green light" for live trading, it is important to thoroughly check the strategy for effectiveness in a multitude of market conditions. While backtesting will give good certainty to the viability of a system, the results produced from which should never be implied for future trading results and as such, proper tests need to be performed in order to become confident in how a particular strategy will perform moving forward.

Catalyst Research Group has the capability of producing forward testing results through both our database of historical tick-data which can be simulated in real-time as well as live data feed testing where your strategy will be measured as if it were functioning live during that particular period. These performance results are the best mimic of real trading and will grant a much better look into how it would actually perform. Random walk tests are also available which simulate random price action events that "stress test" a strategy to monitor how it performs in a multitude of market conditions.

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Optimizing your system

While no strategy will ever be perfect, there are steps that can be taken to make the most of your systems profitability. CRG will work with you and your strategy to make sure it is tuned for optimal performance looking forward. We optimize based on a proprietary mix of efficiency, not just total profit as that will generally imply curve fitting and will more than likely underperform in the future. Our goal is not to make the numbers look good on paper, but to make the numbers look just as good in future weeks, months and years.

Optimizing any system over an acceptable level of historical data takes a lot of processing power, and without that, the amount of time needed can take weeks to process. That is why we employ an advanced computing network that is capable of utilizing over 60GB of memory and 88 Xeon processors on a 10gb network on a single strategy. This allows us to optimize a strategy in a cost effective manner by significantly reducing the amount of time needed for running an optimization sequence. 

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Consulting with your strategy

Each strategy is different and is dreamed up by individuals who are each different themselves. CRG's approach as consultants is to determine if factors within the system can be added, removed or altered to make better and more efficient entry and exit positioning and capital management. We look at each strategy independently and work with our clients to accomplish their goals and make their strategy better than ever if possible. 

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