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zigzag fibonacci
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zigzag fibonacci in use

Uses the range identified from the lookback periods of the zigzag indicator to draw Fibonacci retracement lines that are automatically displayed on the chart. The location of the Fibonacci lines are not removed so the user can see their location for previous high/low ranges. The thick lines represent the last Fibonacci line location for the defined range before a range with an opposite direction is formed.

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Find the right product for you. Receive free access to a fully-functioning trial license of the ZigZag Fibonacci indicator for 10 days.

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Once purchased, you will recieve an e-mail with the attached indicator/s that are specifically licensed for the use on one computer. Please purchase an additional license for each computer that will use the indicator. All indicators are protected from duplication, distribution or reverse engineering. In order to activate your indicator/s you must request activation. Please allow up to two business days for activation.

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